Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just in Case

I am off to Brasil in the morning. My last trip was the worst flight ever. More like a roller-coaster ride. My faith sustained me. I return home, God willing next Thursday. On the outside chance I don’t make it back, I wanted to make sure I left some lasting words.

What an awesome opportunity it is to participate in the Philadelphia “Fine-Art” community/family. There is some wonderful stuff happening here. While I beat up hard on the infrastructure, I am smitten with Philadelphia and what it offers. I am blessed to have been invited to the party.

I stand by my belief in Philadelphia’s ability to grow into a “World Class” Fine-Art community.

I want to be clear. There exists a significant contingent of serious tradesman in Philadelphia. That has never been my issue. Lacking a City-Wide reputation for excellence, we are unable to generate a satisfactory response to our professionals and their artwork. All of my efforts, whether understood or not, have been to reverse this attitude and trend. Considering and promoting infinite possibilities is the supporting dogma of my doctrine.

We’ve created a few different avenues of contributing to the Fine-Art landscape here in the city. Our 2011 events include:
• PIFA - Pennsylvania International Festival of the Arts.
• LUPUS Foundation of America/Knapp Gallery Fundraiser
• City-Wide MFA Graduate Art Contest
• Submitted proposal creating significant employment opportunities to MFA graduates.

My 2011 exhibition calendar is stellar. I’ll share in a minute. Before I close I wanted to make a few acknowledgements:

Awesome folks Philadelphia has in Barclay and Rebecca Knapp. Thanks for everything; for the freedom, patience, belief and faith in me. Your vision for Philadelphia is pure. I’m proud to know you as friend and employer; Proud of seriving on your team.

Thanks to Christopher Callahan. Meeting Chris, sharing his art and life has been a thrill. Vicariously, Chris’s art has satisfied places that escaped me in my own artistic quests as a painter. Like a pheromone, Chris’s love for the craft permeates his product. I treasure my personal collection of Callahan paintings. Imagine that, I have a Callahan collection to bequeath to my kids.

Tom Brady may be Philadelphia’s best kept secret. Command, color and control come to mind when thinking about Brady’s work. Solid process – field sketches-to pastel -to paint. Remarkable freedom - abstract landscapes that redefine the genre. Form and figure shaped by the moment. Brady’s work holds history sacred while outreaching cosmopolitan constraints. He is present in his work.

Michael Walsh –Thanks – you are a good cat. I enjoyed our pilgrimages north to the boss’s house. Paint your way free. You’ve got all the stuff to be with the greats. Don’t settle.

I am privileged to have these painters in my stable.

The remainder of ‘010 and next year’s 2011 Knapp Gallery exhibition calendar validates our commitment to seek out the best available artwork: Special thanks and prayers to our December Trio as they continue to carve their way higher. Competing with Christmas, December is a tough month to hang.

One last thing - most important. Special thanks to Tereza, my personal assistant / Assistant Director. Tereza - thanks for everything. I know who you are now. You are the angel sent down from Heaven. God bless you and yours. I leave you the gallery table.

Thanks gang.


August 2010 (Solo Show)
• Chris Callahan - current exhibition -

September 2010 (Solo Show)
• Michael Walsh –

October 2010 (group show)
Alfred Ortega
Marjorie Grigonis
Umberto Nigi
Tom Brady
Al Razza
Chris Callahan
Jim Bloom
Matt Baumgardner

November 2010m(Solo Show)
• Marjorie Grigonnis – Abstractionist – Philadelphia painter -

• Katherine Kurtz – Abstractionist –Philadelphia painter-

December 2010 (3 –man)
• (Kevin Von Holtermann)- www.kevinvonholtermann -
• Gail Kotel -
• Salvador Di Quinzio -


January (Two Man Show)
• Nicolas King (Ex-Barnes Foundation Director- Chris Callahan Barnes foundation corroborates Chris Callahan’s Barnes Foundation story.
• Petros Pappalas. Young cat strong hand. Represent/Abstract figure –

February (Solo Show)
• Margaret Zox Brown – New York City painter. Journeyman. Strong color, bold figure, strong composition, well painted, “Philadelphia” connections – brings good new blood to our family.

March (Solo Show)
• Mark Bullen - PAFA Graduate – Portrait artist – representationalist with a twist. Bullen is strong.

April (Solo Show)
• Humberto Nigi - Brazilian painter –

May (Solo Show)
• Al Razza –Florida Painter. Razza is custom painting our Lupus event promotional artwork. He is auctioning the original painting at the LUPUS Fundraiser. His show at the Knapp Gallery is the backdrop of the “Gear Theme” throughout the body of Work. A “LIVE” Choreographed dance piece is one of our entertainment components for the LUPUS event.

June (Solo Show)
• Tom Brady -

July (Solo Show)
• Alfred Ortega – PAFA graduate. House full of art.

August (two man Show)
• Michael Walsh –
• Jim Bloom-ultrasound outsider artist -

September (Solo Show)
• Chris Callahan – Chris paid the rent last year -

October (Solo Show)
• Matthew Clay Baumgardner – We have been working on a show for two years – A SERIOUS PAINTER- I have known Matt for nearly twenty three years. A New York painter, once a dweller in New Jersey, now residing down south – An internationally recognized painter.

November (Solo Show)
• Clintel Steed – Awesome abstract painter. New York City - Represented by Lynn Dunham

December (Solo Show)
• William Knight – may be New Jersey’s best kept secret-