Monday, January 9, 2012

James Dinerstein - The Deliverer

Jim Dinerstein, sculptor, re-introduces vital visual language long forgotten. Using redefined origins of form, line, shadow and light - traditional tools yielding non-traditional results; truth excavated from obscurity -undeniable truth from on High - high relevant language meant to redirect our conversation to higher thought - an emphatic and long awaited ending to this present cyclical meandering, muddled and noncommittal era of contemporary art. Yet, a return to beginnings, to the master key of sorts, we regain firm footing in the light of his committed, dominating and upward thrusts of respite. Albeit challenging in their alienesque orientations, Dinerstein’s renderings demand acknowledgement.

Seemingly and possibly mined bits and fragments of the stone tablets lost at Mount Sinai, eroded and fashioned by tumultuous heavenly elements, Dinerstein unleashes the power of creation; creation from beyond our ken. Off kilter in their balance, weighted paradigm shifts forcing an accommodation of this misunderstood substance, we are left pondering questions of origin, makeup. Understated purity, devoid of contaminating dross, surreal serenity buffeting the undeniable incalculable and inescapable force generated within and without. Challenging proven notions of physics, defying earthy pull, pervasive predominant and miraculous lunaresque hovering overtakes reality. Push and pull, relentless in their drawing, elements beyond this world emanating vibrations beyond conventional oscillatory measure. Paradoxically pulsating calm intensity awaiting imminent kairos; perfection meeting destiny.

Visible and tangible chunks of wisdom, symbology, and divine energy harnessed through commitment of vision, foundational language is birthed character by character; its efficacy dogmatically hidden within fold and layer of fundamental doctrine long since lost to the new morality. - Chunks of language - fleshed-out voice and the rhyme of remembrance, reemergence and yearning. – Innate rhythms reverberating melodious harmonies of our essence; the language of deliverance and freedom.

And despite the dominance of sheer physical weight, a weighty burden even, his anointed works are released with the resounding lightness of truth. His truth? Never let it be said, rather the mouthpiece of deliverance to the discerning eye. The Deliverer, Dinerstein the long awaited messenger bearing good news that “we are not alone;” these chunks empirically evidencing that our Creator yet lives and communicates with us providentially and preeminently. Dinerstein, cloaked in the hush of benevolence, laden with elements divinely inspired from on high, offers relief from the raucous cacophony and aimless void of Contemporary art. Dispensationally, the genesis of grace, Dinerstein’s voice cries out in the wilderness, a new frontier awaiting migration to a higher ground; hallowed ground.