Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad weather - Great show

The weather has not been good for Adam’s show. It is a shame. He worked really hard to pull off this exhibition. The show looks awesome. Moving forward, despite poor parking, the snow is still a hindrance, Adam’s artist reception goes live tomorrow night at 6 pm.

Consensus among our visitors is that Adam’s work, beyond engaging captures the essence of his character as a painter. Self disclosure becomes transparent in Adam’s work. Additionally, there exists a legitimizing quality in how Adam applies paint. Many visiting painters are caught up in his generosity. Christopher Callahan, a Knapp Gallery painter stopped by yesterday and was moved by Adam’s commitment to the paint. We could have a lengthy conversation about what that really means. I love painters’ use of language.

For the most part, Adam paints with what we painters call a “dry” brush. Use of an under-texture allows the painter to “ride” the crest of a painted landscape catching only the surface. The remaining shadow and under-color offers the painting a softened tonal display. While this technique requires a deft hand, Adam’s counter with hard and edgy subject matter leaves the viewer a bit off balance. Know this right up front; Adam’s work is about tension. His adept execution in applying paint is paramount to his conveying an edgy emotional outcome.

Hopefully, we will see you here at The Knapp Gallery tomorrow, 20 Feb ’10.